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This weekend we had brunch with our fellow travel blogging friends — Dave who is staying with us, and Shannon, who lives up the road in San Pancho (aka San Francisco, Mexico). We had breakfast at an organic restaurant in the Cielo Rojo cafe (really good, if you’re in town it’s here), and like any good bloggers, we spent way too much time taking pictures of our food.

Dave and Shannon, documenting our Kapomo tea.

Of course, I took a picture of my tea too. It’s called Kapomo and it’s a little like bark. Okay, it’s nutty and not too bad with milk and sugar. It’s caffeine-free which is totally unacceptable.

Drew got the vegan chorizo:

I got the huevos rancheros with sprouts!

It was all really good.

I ordered this for Cole, because OMG yum:

And he thought pouring the honey on it was fun, then lost interest and ran around the restaurant the rest of the time.

Shannon is so good with kids. Cole asked for Shannon on the ride home like 4 times. (We love Shannon).

Obligatory flower shot:

The place is really nice, half of the restaurant is a walled outdoor courtyard, so there’s tons of natural light.

Stella slept the entire time.

Cole explored every nook and cranny.

And afterwards we went to the beach in San Pancho, which I think is the prettiest one in the area. Shannon helped me talk through a few things I was stuck on for my book. We all drank limonadas under the straw umbrellas at the beachside bar. It was a beautiful day.

We love it here so much, but the season is ending, it’s getting hotter, soon the rain will come, and everyone is leaving. But right now, we’re enjoying these last days as limited as they are.

  • James

    When did Cole morph from a chubby toddler to an actual little boy? I love the fact that so many of his life vignettes have been documented in such a beautiful way!

    • Christine Gilbert

      I can not believe how much older he looks! It feels like Stella was born and he just powered up! I am lucky though, I love having these photos to look back on and I’m sure if I didn’t blog I probably wouldn’t take so many photos.

  • Mara

    Cole looks so big and beautiful! Thank you for bringing a little sunshine into a gray spring morning.

    • Christine Gilbert

      Thank you! We just cut his hair so you can see his face again! :)

  • Dave

    I can’t believe how quickly you got these photos up from yesterday! It was a lovely brunch :)

    • Christine Gilbert

      It was! I love that place.

  • DragonfruitMag (Ari)

    My goodness, all of this looks amazing! Can’t we get any recipes?

    And what on earth is Kapomo? Something any like rooibos? As a tea-holic I must confess I had never heard of it.

    • Christine Gilbert

      Ha! I have no idea. I googled it but couldn’t find anything. It’s must be local.

      • Dragonfruitmag

        Thanks for trying, anyway!

  • joanna

    That babygirl Stella is soooo beautiful, even while asleep. Cole is so busy and takes me back in thought to when my grandson (now 9) was that age. Always busy, always into everything, exploring.
    How wonderful children are.

    • Christine Gilbert

      Yes I love it, it’s overwhelming sometimes, but I love this age!

  • Rachel Denning

    Where (and when) will you be going next?

  • Carmel

    First of all, that flower is radiating pink on the edges. It’s almost fluorescent. I love it.

    Secondly, Cole is looking more like a little boy! He’s losing that baby face, much like my 3-year-old niece who is turning into a little girl faster than I can handle. Looks like a lovely way to spend a day (although I would definitely need more caffeine).

  • Sarah Somewhere

    That all looks ridiculously healthy, I’m afraid I would have had to eat Cole’s. Gorgeous photos though! So light and bright!

  • Victoria

    Oh no, I can’t believe I missed this by a matter of weeks! Cielo Rojo was our absolute favourite brunch spot in San Pancho. We’re missing it loads!

  • Ziga

    Nice article and amazing pictures…specially the last one…there is nothing, but there si so much!

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  • janice

    Chorizo I love and Tacos are one of my favourites – for you to put the two together is heaven. I will try. thank you

  • EK Bradley

    I don’t eat meat anymore but chorizo….I mean….come on. Addiction bound.

  • Steph (@ 20 Years Hence)

    Somehow I feel like I year eating all the non-perfect chorizo tacos is not a terrible fate to be subjected to! I would happily be a guinea pig in that experiment!

    I was surprised to see the chorizo that is used in your neck of the woods. Admittedly, I’ve never had chorizo in Mexico, but there were a few bona fide Mexican joints in Nashville and the chorizo they used always looked more like ground pork than hotdogs. Do you know if chorizo varies throughout the country, or was my favorite Mexican place duping me?

    • almostfearless

      It’s quite likely that your Mexican place was giving you the real deal. Even driving a few hours north from where I live in Mexico the way they make tacos changes. As we drove down from the US and I posted pictures, people on the east coast of Mexico, like Cancun or from further south like Mexico City were telling me that the tacos were ALL WRONG in the north. So while it might not be the way in this part of Mexico, there’s a lot of ways to do it. By the way, they do look like hotdogs but they grill up very nicely.

  • Corinne Vail

    I love your recipes…can’t wait to try this one.

  • eemusings (NZMuse)

    And here I was thinking Corona was just a beer brand!

  • Michele Rouze

    i loved cooking specially with chorizo.. i will do this one,,thank you for sharing this!!

    Westhill Consulting

  • Carmel & Shawn

    Good god I love tacos. I am really missing good Mexican food about now.
    My usual go-to for spice when it comes to anything Mexican these days is pickled jalapenos. If it’s wrong, I don’t care.

    Sort of non sequitur: Every time I see a recipe for enchiladas using flour tortillas I want to find the person who posted it and punch him or her in the face.

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